Celebrating The Women of iHeartMedia Charlotte on International Women's Day

(Back row from left to right: Alie Davila, Morgen, Nikki Caldwell, Sierra Brodland, Anne Crawford. Front row left to right: Jodi Phillips, Marlene Simon, Amy Mann, Courtney Williams, Brooke Morrison, Chelsea Paxton, Sarah Lee, Bobbi Cantrell, Jana Rice, Ally Dunlap, Della Pizzati, and Renee Jenkins. Not pictured: Michaela Church, Christian Anthony, Michele Kiefer, Laura Coker, Denise Danforth, Alma Mokonchu, Alivia Seely, Joyce Marco, Linda Silver, Jessica Blackshaw, Meg Stevens, Palmer, Cool Beans, Guenn Schneider, Barbara Conrad, Cookie Hamilton, Jackie Lynch Curry, Marci Moran, Sass, Samantha Stone)

Celebrating the Women of iHeartMedia Charlotte on #IWD2019

Today on International Women’s Day we honor the powerful Women of iHeartMedia Charlotte. This is a diverse group of women from different backgrounds hailing from 10 states and the United Kingdom.

We recognize these powerful talented, collaborative and creative women who bring diversity and inclusion to the workplace. They reflect the best of the International Women’s Day celebration by consistently committing to being a positive influence not only to their co-workers, but also to the many women they encounter on a day-to day basis. We are fortunate to work with numerous women, from business owners to decision makers at every level in our community and within the media industry. 

These successful women celebrate this year’s International Women’s day theme, #BalanceForBetter, focusing on the role that gender balance plays in driving a more productive world. As we recognize all women today, 102.9 The Lake’s Guenn Schnieder shares her excitement for this empowering day, “I see how far International Women’s Day has come around the world and in the lives of those close to me. I want my children, of both genders, to see this as the norm and be accustomed to its benefits in our lives. Every day I work to give them a better life, make them better people, and in turn the world a better place, even if in my own little way. I hope for generations to come, people will live by the motto of this year’s message.”

Share how you’re celebrating the women in your life with #BalanceForBetter.


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