Fenway Park Usher Makes Baseball Look Easy With Casual One-Handed Catch

Fenway Park usher mades ridiculously easy one-handed catch

Wednesday night's game between the Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays may have baseball scouts looking at the game's next big star.

A Fenway park usher made the boys on both teams look bad with his ridiculously casual one-handed catch of a foul ball in the upper deck at America's oldest ballpark during the top of the second inning Wednesday night. 

Blue Jays third baseman, Yangervis Solarte, had just foul-tipped a ball into the upper deck on the first base side, when the usher can be seen casually reaching his hand out, allowing the ball to fall there as if it were destiny. 


After a few moments of enjoying his well-earned adulation, the usher is seen handing the ball off to the parents of two young boys seated in the stands.

Fenway Park Usher, we salute you and nominate you for a place in the Ballpark Hall of Famers. Previous honorees include luminaries like the Padres Fan who caught a foul ball in her beer, or the dad with the fastest reflexes on record. 



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