Video Shows Cats Detecting An Earthquake Before It Hits

Many people believe that animals are more in tune with our planet than people, and that is pretty evident in a video that just came out. The clip is from June 18th, when a 6.1 earthquake rattled Osaka, Japan. The surveillance footage is of a cat cafe in the area and it shows the furry felines seemingly detecting the tremors before they hit. 

In the video, many of the cats perk up, afraid, about ten seconds ahead of the earthquake. While there is a sound that gets their attention, something has them on edge and seeking refuge. Then, once things really start shaking, most of the animals freak out.  


While no one knows for sure if animals have a sixth sense when it comes to impending natural disasters, in the cases of earthquakes, scientists theorize that many creatures feel the minor "p wave" shaking that precedes tremblors, which humans aren't able to notice. 

None of the cats were injured in the earthquake, which tragically killed five people and hurt hundreds more. The kitties are all available for adoption. Head here to learn more about them. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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