Girl Perfectly Recreates 'Bet On It Dance' From 'High School Musical 2'

It's been eleven years since High School Musical 2 came out, but I still think about Zac Efron dancing around a golf course on a weekly basis to express his emotions. It looks like I'm not the only one who is still obsessed with "Bet On It" all these later, because this girl just perfectly recreated the dance and it's so impressive. 

For reference, here is the masterpiece from High School Music 2, which is by far the best of the three HSM movies don't @ me. This video has everything: a moody desert location, Zac Efron's emotions, feet stomping, a random break in the song so Zac can play a little golf. 


Alyssa, a young country club employee, knew she had the perfect opportunity to recreate "Bet On It" and she did not disappoint. "Well, I quit my job yesterday so this is how I spent my last day at work," Alyssa shared on Twitter. "Please enjoy the only reason I willingly worked at a country club."

Here is Alyssa's take on the iconic song and dance number:


"Yes, I got paid for this," Alyssa joked at the end of her video. "I love doing everything except my job." Same! (JK!) So who wants to recreate "Gotta Go My Own Way" with me today? Anybody? No? Okay, cool. 


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